Estate Planning

As with all trust services, estate planning is not just for the wealthy. In fact, good estate planning often means the most to those with modest assets.

You've worked the greater part of your lifetime to provide security for your family. You have accumulated money, purchased homes, cars and property, managed your investments, and monitored your spending. You've always been there for the ones who need you, and an estate plan will help make sure you always are. 

A good estate plan often begins with a will, but it includes much more:

  • Provides instructions to pass your assets to your heirs according to your values
  • Names a guardian for your minor children or those with special needs
  • Includes life insurance to provide for your family
  • Directs your care should you become disabled before death
  • Protects your business ownership and interests
  • Helps minimize taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees
  • Grows and changes with you and your family's needs

To learn more and to start your estate plan today, contact any of our United Commonwealth Trust Services professionals. We have the expertise and services you need to give the gift of your lifetime!